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All that massed humanity,

those vile bodies.

Princess of the electric night
22 September
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Catch me if you can....
20-50's style, adam brody, alcohol, alternative music, american history x, angelina jolie, baileys irish cream, bartenders, baz luhrmann, bikini kill, black and white photos, boys with scruffy hair, breaking hearts, bright eyes, catcher in the rye, clara bow, clerks, coffee houses, crocodile lies t-shirt, damsels in distress, dancer in the dark, dark chocolate, david lachapelle, diet coke, donnie darko, dreams, dressing up, drughoney, edward norton, emotions, fenoodly, film, filmmaking, flames, flappers, friends, full moons, funny emo kids, ghost world, gigs, going to shows, hair dye, hot hot heat, ice, independent films, indie films, interpol, jazz, jimmy eat world, joy division, kings of leon, kissing, kurt cobain, laughing, le tigre, less than jake, libraries, like the red panda, lipstick, long distance driving, loud music, love, lucid dreams, magic, magnolia, make up, memento, messy hair, midnight blue nail polish, misfits, money, moodiness, movies, murder, new york, night, nirvana, noah whyle, offspring, old t-shirts, oscar wilde, pale skined girls, pantyhose, paris, parties, peace, people watching, photography, pink cake, pink lemonade, pirates, poetry, pouty loucious lips, pretty eyes, punk and new wave, punk rock, purses, rainy nights, razmatazz, record players, rivers, road trips, rock music, run lola run, rusty metal, sadness, sarcasm, screaming, sexy hair styles, sheer fabrics, shoes, short films, shredded photographs, skirts, skittles, sleep, snakes, sofia coppola, spirals, starry sky, staying up late, stephen fretwell, stripy stockings, sundance, the bell jar!! yo!, the clash, the cure, the delays, the ramones, the royal tenenbaums, the strokes, the von bondies, the white stripes, the yeah yeah yeahs, the zutons, thin blood, thrift shopping, tim burton, trashed bedrooms, vintage anything, vintage stuff, vodka, whisky, wierd shit, wink murder, witch socks, writing, yellow